Legal support for immigrants and asylum seekers

Legal support for immigrants and asylum seekers

Hungary sits on the front line of the Schengen Area that makes it a popular entry point for refugees and other migrants. In 2012, Hungary’s detention of refugees was found to be against the Article 5(1) of the European Convention of Human Rights by the European Court of Human Rights. This caused Hungary to temporarily halt the detention of asylum seekers. Nevertheless, flow of refugees out of crisis zones crosses the Hungarian borders each day that makes the Hungarian political decision-makers to implement stricter rules in the near future.

There are several legal titles under which an asylum seeker might stay in Hungary and enjoy the protection of our country. An applicant might be recognized as refugee who has suffered from or has a well-founded fear of persecution in his/her country of origin for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion. The refugee’s family members (spouse, minor child, minor child’s parent) and the refugee’s children born in Hungary are also recognised as refugees. Don’t let yourself misled by saying that you can be treated as a refugee only if you are coming from a country at war. That’s only one from the several causes might establish your asylum status. Also, the so called subsidiary protection status shall be granted to you if you fail to meet the criteria of the refugee status but there is a reasonable risk that upon returning to the country of origin, you and your family would suffer serious loss of interest, and you are unable to or, owing to such fear, are unwilling to avail yourselves of the protection of that country.

An asylum process will establish whether a foreigner is eligible for a refugee or a subsidiary protection status. This is a procedure comprising two steps of the preliminary examination and the detailed investigation. There are several legal remedies built in this procedure. The most important is an application for court review against the decision terminating the procedure or rejecting your application for asylum. It’s inevitable to have an attorney to represent your interest in those court procedures as very strict rules applied and deadlines are set to meet. Also, please, don’t forget that solely the first asylum procedure in Hungary is free from all procedural costs of the authority and the court (including the costs of interpretation but not including our legal fees). So, if your first attempt fails, you may run for the second with less chance and for more money.

The mission of our law firm to give legal support immigrants and asylum seekers. We are not a non-profit organization, although we fight very hard to our clients to have asylum or residence permit granted in Hungary and/or for the territory of the European Union. It’s not easy to prevail, but also not impossible. We deal with each foreigner client personally, and also try to help them and their family to get acquainted with Hungarian culture, accommodation, educational system, legal rights and obligations. Our law firm represents everyone – both immigrants and asylum seekers – with no regard to the client’s nationality, religion or race. As for our legal fees, the strict attorney’s ethical code prevent us from making them public, although, please note that we make significant discount for families and small children (under 14). We are happy to serve our precious clients in French for Maghreb nationals, in Russian for Central-Asians and former soviet nationals and anyone else speaking at least on a basic English level. Please do not contact us if you can’t speak either of those languages. Anyway, don’t hesitate to call us directly (+36 30 471 32 12) or write to us by e-mail (

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