Refund for a delayed or canceled flight

Refund for a delayed or canceled flight

Over the last decade the flight industry has ’exploded’. With the rise of low cost carriers the number of passengers has multiplied and the price of air tickets became widely accesible. Keeping prices down is now a significant consideration for air carriers. Tight schedules and the best possible use of available capacities often result at delays or cancellations of flights, as well as the denial of boarding in case of overbooking.

We heard horror stories from passengers waiting at airport for long hours before departing and having provided a 10-Euro-coupon for alimentation not even enough for a small sandwich. A very little known fact is that in the European Union or EU (also in the European Economic Area or EEA with more member states like e.g. Norway or Switzerland) the passengers have a wide range of costumer protection instruments, including in many cases – depending on the flight distance – huge, up to more than 100 000 HUF compensation in cash.

Good to know that the EU-protection shall be applied for all flights departing from the territory of the EEA, no matter the destination country is an EEA-member country or not. The sole possibly exception is the case if one makes a stopover at a non-EEA member country’s airport as this country is not bound by the strict EU-regulation (eg. Vienna-Dubai-Singapore). The good news is that the EU-protection shall cover most flights to the EEA. We add that the consumer protection rules are equally applied to scheduled, chartered, low cost and domestic (e.g. Paris-Nice) flights. We are also highlighting the fact that air carriers are burdened to provide passengers with a great variety of services in case of their negligence can be proven: this includes the denial of boarding, the cancellation of flight or significant delay of flight. The complex compensation package shall comprise of the refund of ticket, free re-booking, also free lodging. In case of significant delay (depending on the flight distance, min. 2-4 hours) the carrier will provide refreshments and sandwiches, in some cases free lodging, and eventually – if the delay exceeds 5 hours the passenger might be entitled to withdraw from travelling with a full refund. An important fact is that in each and every case one might claim compensation in cash, the sum of which could be – depending on flight distance – between 250-600 Euro.

Having any complaints, worth contacting us on the spot. Don’t forget that most claims might be filed within very short period of limitation. Our office is a legal expert at compensation cases within the boundary of the entire European Union. You are not charged for our involvement until we reach success in your case. The aviation companies are constantly trying to escape from compensation cases, although we are here to fight for you. Bad case does definitely not exist, thus send us an e-mail if you cope any difficulties before, during or after your flight. We get back to you within 1-2 working days. Please don’t forget that the working languages of this office are the Hungarian, English, French and Russian.

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